Allows Google Workspace administrators to view laptop and desktop status, including OS, device, and user information.
SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status
显示当前网页的排名和 SEO 统计数据,主要包括外链、索引数、缓存等。
Keep track of your account status and receive alerts of new earning opportunities.
The browser extension notifies the security status of the website, request the permission to open the domain from malware list.
Blue Light Filter Guard may follow the use of the environment and individual status, set the filter level and mode.
Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility allows you to discover select Cisco products and display information on status.
The browser extension notifies the security status of the website, request the permission to open the domain from malware list.
Monitor system status like CPU, memory, battery
Shows SEO issues as you navigate pages. Displays performance data and full AMP status and errors for HTML pages.
FOP2 lets you monitor your Asterisk PBX extension status, launch popups and add click to call capabilites to any web page/app.
Live URL checks against robots.txt, meta robots, x-robots-tag & canonical tags. Simple Red, Amber & Green status. An SEO Extension.
Indian railway PNR Status Prediction, Seat Availability & Train Status
Allows you to view other players statuses within the Roblox website
View and inspect HTTP headers for the current webpage request, including redirections and status codes.
Tired of tracking Waiting List(WL) and RAC status? PNR Chrome Extension lets you track all your Train tickets in SINGLE CLICK.
Share amazing content, images, blog posts across all your Social Networks with just a single click!
Provides a switch to toggle statuses of installed extensions.
Click-to-Dial, status updates and queue monitoring
5 star rated extension. Easy to use. World weather plugin for Google Chrome contains status bar icon, current weather, detailed…
This extension lets you check your server status easily.
在地址栏中显示当前页的 HTTP 状态
Popup notifications informing you about the Discord status.
Stop wasting time sorting through emails: Instantly know which of your emails needs a reply back.
Adds colours to road segments to show their status
Check easily your laptop battery status
Provides a quick overview of torrent status for Deluge.
This extension allows the user to display Deezer's current playing song in Discord status.
Set your discord status, simple, easy and free.
ASIN Gadget will check these items when on the Amazon product page: Product Restrictions, Hazardous Status, and Meltable status.
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