Opens a list of URLs
Copy tabs URL to clipboard (formats : text, HTML, JSON or custom). Paste to open multiple URL at one go.
Open multiple URLs at once
Browser addon to open multiple urls with one click. With many more tools to help you manage urls.
Open multiple URls at once with single click. Also supports delay in opening URls.
Open multiple links at once.
Using this you can open multiple url at a single click & It will save all the url in memory even after shutting your computer
Open multiple webpages with one click!
Open multiple URLs on one click.
This extension enables you to open pre defined links in new tabs
Open multiple dictionaries in one shot.
Open multiple URLs or search for several words using Google search, each one in a new tab.
Open multiple links at once
Open multiple tabs from wildcard (*) 's URL by configurable start page and end page.
A simple tool to open multiple tabs in single click. Useful to work with too many websites at a time
Click the button, paste a few URLs. Easy
Rabbit URL Opener - Bulk URL Opener Extension just lets you open multiple URLs at once
This Multiple Chat is a chat app specifically made for Twitch. Open multiple chat panels and live video panels in your browser.
Open Multiple URLs in new tabs.
Open Multiple Tabs At Once!
Open Multiple Links easily
Extension for Opening Multiple URLs
Quick Open tab from open multiple tabs through My Tabs List Extenstion
Open multiple urls with a single click.
Adds a [+] link next to message links on the developerWorks forums to view them inline instead of having to open multiple pages.
Search and open multiple sites at once without without a hassle.
One-click saving of labels: Your must-have labeling tool When you open multiple tags, you can save all tags at once by one-click…
An extension to open multiple tabs for stock querying.
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