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Automatically close cookie consent popups and overlays
Get access to your prospects' phone number and email, instantly from LinkedIn.
Automatic handling of GDPR consent forms
Simple indicator that shows Google Page Rank and Yandex CY for current web page
A simple player to stream NPR in the background.
Never consent to any GDPR consent management platform
Get the websites you visit to send you a copy of, or delete the personal information that they have collected on you.
NPRone : autoplay, speed up audio, and more
With the audit tool from Cookie Information you can quickly test if your website has compliance issues according to GDPR & ePrivacy
Blocks all web analytics trackers that do not honor informed opt-in consent and other GDPR protected rights.
Allows Flippr to automatically run Flash Player
翻译 YouTube 视频字幕并读出。 就像 YouTube 虚拟同声传译员一样。
QPR fans can now have club news at their fingertips by downloading the all-new Official QPR Homepage.
Turns trello cards into a handy dashboard on your desktop. It highlights urgent tasks if you provide deadlines like this: / Apr 30
DragDropr lets you create, edit & design content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by dragging and dropping.
Colorize issue and PR links to see their status (open, closed, merged)
Propel is the first Smart-CRM for the PR (Public Relations) industry. This Chrome extension integrates with the Propel App and…
Get notified when you receive a pull request on GitHub.
Explore Prebid and GAM auction details for display and video. Check the web page GDPR TCFv2 readiness.
Performing CPR on the Something Awful forums
Read NPR in columns, for a better browsing experience. Use the arrow keys to close columns.
Volume control for the npr web player. 11/18 - New version fixes issue caused by a Chrome security update. Please update the…
Rachel's cookie manager is developed by KCL, UoS, IIT KGP as part of a study to understand how GDPR consent managed by users.
Edits to the GitHub UI to make it more informative
Salesforce User Permission Report allows you to see a report of all the permissions a user has and where they are set.
WPR Search relevancy tool.
Show Github PR Review Approval status in the cards on a Jira board
The 90's rang... they want their popups back. Blocks GDPR notices, kills off annoying in-page popups, and stops autoplaying videos.
Helps Stash users to fill in Pull Requests' descriptions and reviewers
Automatically denies cookie access for sites that provide that option.
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