Puts favicons (according to Google s2 library) on Google search results.
Desaturate the favicons of all inactive tabs.
Shows an unread count over the favicon for sites that support it.
Favicons with cats
Assign colored stripes to favicons, based on URL and title regex matching.
Change AWS favicons per service
TLDR: This forces the tab icon on Notion pages to always remain as the Notion logo. Notion pages have a feature where the page's…
Download and view a pages favicon.
make favIcon Bookmarker
Provides a random gravatar for websites missing a favicon.
Add Favicon to the Bookmark Bar
Hide favicons from your Google Search results! Less cluttered, less painful.
Allows you to quickly open the saved Salesforce orgs with keyboard shortcuts. It also enables you to set a colored favicon for them.
Replaces the Google Analytics favicon with a real time count of your site's visitors.
Change color tastes of favicons by their domains
Shows stock symbol on favicon for Google finance, Yahoo finance and Stockcharts.com.
Updates the standard favicon on Domo tabs with colored versions to help differentiate between different organizations.
The add-on restores the old look of search results - no favicons.
Assign colored stripes to favicons, based on URL and title regex matching.
Add a count of your unread messages to the favicon on Fastmail.
Replace Gmail (or Inbox) favicon with favicon from mail domain.
Feedly Favicons
Dynamically change GitLab favicons to project logos to distinguish many GitLab tabs easily.


Google search show favicon.
Overrides the default favicon for deviantart.com with the old, far superior favicon.
Puts your own profile picture up on the Gmail tab! If you have multiple Gmail accounts you can see at a glance which tab is which.
Replace the favicon icon of a chrome tab with custom emoji – so you can finally tell your tabs apart.
Shows the count of Not-Done emails in the Inbox favicon.
Changes Google Inbox Favicons to represent the current page
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