Save Captions and Transcription From Google Meet and Zoom.
Transcribe and caption Google Meet in real-time, add meeting notes in Google Calendar, and save transcripts to your Otter.ai account
Video-Record and Transcribe G Meet & Zoom. Timestamp meeting moments. Share with one click.
Record & Transcribe meetings & calls directly from the browser
Record voice and capture audio from any web page. Automatically transcribe audio and video files into text with human accuracy.
Watch More Videos Faster. Get Instant Transcriptions of Your Favourite YouTube Videos. 5 Reasons You Will Love YT Scribe: -->…
Transcribe Google Meet Chats to a Google Doc.
Get instant access to YouTube's automatic captions. Transcribe/caption in DIY Captions, TranscriptionPad, Amara, or oTranscribe.
Sonix automatically transcribes audio & video files in minutes. Our speech-to-text AI technology is fast, accurate, and affordable.
Record & Transcribe Google Meet
Helps to transcribe English words by double-clicking on the word while holding Alt + Ctrl (or Alt + Cmd key on Mac).
Auto-transcribe your audio files into text. Convert your audio files into text automatically and edit using our online editor.
Noty.ai automatically transcribes Google Meet and Zoom calls and generates summaries.
Simple extension that helps to transcribe audio documents. It works purely local and does not send off any information.
Live transcription, video recording and collaborative notes for your Google Meet and Zoom.
This app will transcribe your speech
Phonetic transcription of web pages.
Screenloop will record, transcribe, provide real-time and post interview data/analytics and also coach your team to ‘Make Every…
Transcribe conversations in real-time, save transcripts and get tips about speaking performance.
Transcribe your YouTube videos with one click, without leaving YouTube Studio.
Convert video or audio, podcasts and more to text. Transcribe video/audio and follow along the subtitle/transcription in real time.
Record, Transcribe Google Meet meetings, highlight key moments, tag teammates
Use YouTube Transcription Pad to transcribe videos, edit automatic captions, take notes, etc.
Transcribes any web site's text into Tengwar
Record the audio of all your video meetings with one click. Generate automatic transcriptions.
Use the Daily API to embed and transcribe video calls directly in your Notion workspace.
Extension for transcribe to support foot pedals of dictation module in DPS Spitfire system
Transcribe, edit, and format speech easily in the browser using the power of machine learning!
Voice reply for Email. Instantly capture and transcribe your voice into an email
Voicit transcribe tus reuniones de Google Meet, Teams, Zoom y Jitsi y genera resúmenes automáticos a partir ellas.
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