Chrome Remote Desktop extension
YouTube Adblocker removes all ads: pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads. Save time by stopping those useless advertisements.
Remove all ads and improve your browsing experience
Adds MyJDownloader to your browser, a service that enables you to remote control your JDownloader.
Remove ads and annoying content from webpages.
Remove cookie warnings from almost all websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get…
Removes ads on Youtube. It also allows you to block annotations and pre-rolls.
Ad Remover blocks online ads and activity trackers, which helps sites load faster and protect your privacy.
Adblocker by Trustnav is the definitive adblock as it removes popups, annoying banners and video ads.
Read without distractions. Remove visual clutter from articles.
Useful for removing friends with ease.
Watch streaming media with friends.
Genesis Plus adblocker removes all ads and popups from all websites! The fastest adblock available plus modern controls and features
Find & delete inactive friends easily on Facebook - Friend Remover PRO helps you remove several FB friends or unfriend all at once.
Effectively removes all types of advertising on all web pages
Remove the ”seen” feature from the facebook messenger. Your friends won´t be able to tell if you read their messages.
Intelligently warns you of adult search query and removes adult autocomplete suggestions from your address bar.
Find and remove duplicated bookmarks manually and in batches, get rid of broken bookmark links and empty folders.
No more CORS error by appending 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header to local and remote web requests when enabled
Protect your PC from malicious websites and annoying ads.
This cool extension removes bloat for the page leading to a faster leaner browsing experience
Hide YouTube related videos, comments, shorts tab, suggestions wall, homepage recommendations, trending, and other distractions.
If you wish to remove the NetDocuments Extension, please BACKUP your list of connected sites in case you want to reinstall later.
Control Google Slides on any device, remotely.
AdBlock RP - Remove Propaganda e Evita Propagandas Indesejadas e Malware da Web
Hola ad remover is a free adblocker that blocks annoying ads, malware and tracking..
Opens current tab in an incognito window, and removes it from your browsing history.
Provides fast and simple removal of cookies, tracking cookies, browsing history, download history and caches.
Removes audio ads on Spotify™ Web Player
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