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Make scroll behavior smooth, ease-in-out manner, customizable with dynamically plotted curve. With bouncy edge feature.
Smooth scroll with the keyboard
Disable mouse middle click smooth scrolling (a.k.a auto scroll).
Smooth scroll to page's top and bottom.
This brings you a comfortable reading experience with smooth scroll of necessary amount of webpage by pressing an assigned key.
Adds smooth scrolling for the middle button auto-scroll and improves the UI.
Fix position:fixed by adding transform:translateZ(0) to element. For smooth scrolling with 60fps.
This extension will stop autoscroll (aka smoothscroll) from activating on middle mouse click
Just fixing some common performance bottleneck annoyances on Twitter.com. Enjoy smooth scrolling at 60FPS! #ThankMeLater
Stop smooth scrolling
Stops auto scroll (aka smooth scroll) from activating on middle mouse click.
Take back your scrollbar from those who insist on holding it hostage
Scroll your webpage without moving your palm off the center of keyboard
Stops websites from adding smooth scroll, parallax scrolling, fast scrolling to their sites.
Adds smooth scroll to top of the current page
Disables middle-click autoscrolling (often confused with 'smooth scrolling')
Make your pages look nice with one click! Round corners, add transitions, and add smooth scrolling!
Smooth scroll on twitter using keyboard!
Automatically scroll a page smoothly by pressing the "s" key
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