Chrome extension for the Belgium eID card
Practice addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, place value, algebra, money, time etc. Common Core aligned content
Highlights transphobic/anti-LGBT and trans-friendly subreddits/users/facebook pages/groups with different colors.
Extensão para o Google Chrome que adiciona algumas melhorias na plataforma da GamersClub.
Step-By-Step Algebra Calculator
'algarly' extension will provide you with epic search results - search from your browser URL bar
Valgenesis Screensharing是一款允许在Valgenesis应用程序中共享屏幕的Chrome插件。
Super Mario is not just a game, it's nostalgia for childhood and carefree! Plunge into the past with Mario!
Allows opening local folders and show containing images in a gallery slideshow
The easiest way to use your Belgian eID to access online services!
GeoGebra online application package: get graphics, geometry, algebra, all in one tool!
This extension provides remote controller for LG Smart TVs.
Remove algorithmic content from Twitter, hide news & trends, control which shared tweets appear on your timeline, and improve the UI
Extensión que agrega funcionalidades y aplica algunas correcciones al sitio web SAES del IPN.
Algorand Wallet Extension | Send & Receive ALGOs | Sign dApp Transactions
Fixes the YouTube™ algorithm to remove mainstream media results from searches.
Shows title in top of the page, since you cant read the title in the small tabs. Created by Martin Dalgaard
Download free documents developed by Dialguiba
Le Reddit Armie is here to hand out fedoras and MLG pwn sum cheeky scrubs-m80s
Use Omelge more easy and fast with the Omegle Chat Helper, no need to click next and type a welcome messagem we automate it.
Remote control for LG smart TV set. Extension allows to control some WebOS based LG TV models. It uses generic protocol, so can be…
See Google Algorithm Updates and Global Holidays in your Google Analytics reports.
Uma extensão que bloqueia alguns dos anúncios do brainly e outras coisas.
A bővítmény a weboldalról történő manuális másolás és beszúrást váltja ki egyetlen kattintásra.
True fullscreen for 21:10 Netflix videos on ultra-widescreen LG 34UM95.
Тhe latest updates on politics, business, sports, entertainment and technology from one of Bulgaria's most trusted media brands.
Chrome OS extension for the Belgian eID card
Scopri subito se una notizia è attendibile oppure no. Non divulgare notizie false, scoprile con bufale.net
Collects millions of Amazon coupons and automatically apply when you shop on Amazon
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