“google.com ”相关的搜索结果
The most accurate and reliable chrome extension to track attendance in meet.google.com with just a single click !
Makes sure you stay on google.com and blogspot.com by automatically adding 'no country redirect' ('/ncr') to those URLs
Background image on Google.com returns!!
强制 Google Chrome 在使用地址栏(多功能框)搜索时使用 google.com 域名(类似于 Google NCR)
simply put, Jarvis AI program respond to your little command with real voice and help you redirect your google.xx to google.com and…
Show a random background color on the Google.com homepage.
This extension hides unnecesary hangouts.google.com assets to make it simpler visually
When browsing for an article on scholar.google.com this extension will inform the user the chance of an article being free
Copies text from shoppinglist.google.com to the clipboard, so you can import it into Keep or move it elsewhere
This extension launches messages.google.com text/sms from a Chrome badge icon.
Extension reports about new topics on productforums.google.com and provides context menu to report abuse.
This extension lets you go to translate.google.com faster
Shows search results of custom search engine on Google search results page; only works on google.com and google.de.
This stops users granting OAuth tokens to non @google.com applications.
A context menu item to search for selected text at Google.com with the addition of ' to SEK'. Search query example: '$29.40 to SEK'.
This extension checks if Rx Pharma paid search text ads on Google.com are compliant with 2014 FDA Guidance for Industry.
This extension localizes timezone on status.cloud.google.com from PST to locale timezone.
Hides G+ notifications at all Google websites, except plus.google.com itself.
This will make you type lIkE tHiS in any textarea or input(with type=text) tags on reddit(comment fields) or google.com (search…
This extension replaces the Google logo with a prayer in the name of Jesus, our savior. It only runs on the Google.com domain.
This extension simply adds -site:w3schools.com to your google.com and google.co.uk searches to prevent w3schools results.
Extension for contacts.google.com only. It replaces hyperlinks on phone numbers to tel: links instead of hangouts
Goes to google.com on browser startup!
Opens google.com on new tabs. (not made by or associated with Google)
Leaves only the important parts of play.google.com URLs
Colorful Background for www.google.com and search results_abx
Make Google.com background black to make it easier on the eyes.
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