Display the likelihood that a sample of text was generated by OpenAI's GPT-2 model.
Resolve, locate and explore Open Science content while browsing, through OpenAIRE Research Graph
Improves the interface for OpenAir Timesheets.
OpenAir time tracking with almost no teeth pulling
Takes time entries from Toggl and adds it to an open timesheet in OpenAir
A useability upgrade for Openair.
Dynamically count tokens and visualize your spend in OpenAI's Playground. 100% client side and secure. For feedback: saharmor.info
OpenAI copy prompts and others to clipboard
Add a search to task selection in OpenAir
Features: 1) Adds Bounteous SSO to OpenAir's login page. 2) Adds confirmation prompt to timesheet submission, as that process is…
Some tooling to make editing images using DALL-E 2 a little more enjoyable. Not affiliated with DALL-E 2 or OpenAI. Just some…
Refreshes OpenAir periodically
See a beautiful image supplied by DELL-A by OpenAI every time you open a new tab.
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