Helps to transcribe English words by double-clicking on the word while holding Alt + Ctrl (or Alt + Cmd key on Mac).
Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding
ENG - No more clicking whole night on "Accept Rides" - Use Clicker DE - Keine Klicken mehr auf "Bestellungen Annehmen" - Nutze…
Swaps black and white. Activate by clicking the icon or pressing Alt + D. Settings will be remembered on a per-website basis.
Travel to the past of the web by right-clicking pages and links.
Chrome Countdown lets you configure a countdown-to date as well as add a description for the upcoming event. Clicking on the…
youRhere is an awesome Chrome extension which allows you to read, mark & share your web pages reading-progress by just clicking it
View gene information by double clicking a gene name or accession on any webpage.
Allow selecting,Allow copying, Allow right clicking in some restricted pages.
Selecting a phone number and right-clicking it to call that number using multiple apps for calling(FaceTime, Jabber, Skype..)
Find the BPM of your music by clicking in time with the beat.
Popup with topics of the Success Stories Magazine. Clicking on any of the links will open the magazine's website.
Get image captions for all images by right-clicking them
Open pages in Instapaper Text via the toolbar icon, keyboard shortcut, or right clicking links.
Use mouse effortlessly: Follow links without clicking and scroll pages without using the wheel.
Ping any page you are on by clicking on the icon in your browser
Video Ad Remover is an extension that enables auto skips for video ads. If you are tired of waiting for ads to end or clicking on…
Expand your YouTube video player without going fullscreen or clicking any buttons. Launch Picture-in-Picture on all video sites.
For websites that continuously load, clicking the extension button will stop. Click again to allow.
With your Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset, you can experience VR in Chrome browser just by clicking a link.
Clicking on tags reorders rows of an HTML table in ascending/descending order.
A Chrome extension that copies Asian kaomojis. You can copy one directly to your clipboard by clicking on it.
You can find the translation of a word by right-clicking a selection.
Hate clicking on an address on Yelp and it opening in Yelp maps? Use this to have directions from a Yelp page open in Google Maps.
Double-click any word to view its Urdu meaning, further clicking the Urdu word opens complete definition of the word.
This extension allows Yoko Networks customers to highlight a phone number and by clicking initiate the call from their phone
Share links, images or pages by right-clicking.
Add a fake VAC ban message on your friends profile! Go to a profile and click the extensions icon to add it! Clicking the icon…
Open local link by clicking
An extension that allows you to reverse the order playlist items on Youtube are played. By pinning & clicking on the extension you…
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