在网页上获得 AIChat 的回复! 在流行的搜索引擎中扩展对话,用 GPT 提升您的浏览体验。
Flash Switcher 闪记 是一款提高浏览器操作效率和体验的工具,专注于使用频率最高的 ChatGPT 、网页翻译、万级书签管理、网页大纲、多 Tab 切换等功能,基于【约定大于配置】和【语义化快捷键】等提效思想,在保证每个功能的简单易用的同时,最大化提高操作效率。
Bookmark manager/task browser for GPT websites
AdTech Ad Inspector allows you to monitor and view Google Publisher Tag (GPT) ad units and their associated targeting on web pages.
Display the likelihood that a sample of text was generated by OpenAI's GPT-2 model.
This extension monitors GPT ad units and their associated targeting on web pages.
The quicksand extension allows you to edit copy on your landing page using GPT-3.
add a button on GooglePlay App detail page which help users to jump to Appannie
Briefly allows you to save time by generating summaries of texts in websites using an advanced GPT-3 AI algorithm.
Fast custom prompts to GPT-3 API
Check your site for errors in ads delivery
Escape the writer's block. Powered by GPT-J
Replace clickbait headlines with unclickbaited description headlines generated by GPT reading the article body.
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