Select text, right-click, and Microsoft's Immersive Reader will help you read it
Jetzt mit Lumaly Geld sparen. Mit Lumaly erhalten Sie beim Online-Einkauf immer die besten Gutscheine & Cashback.
Reduce image brightness on web pages. Become less distracted by too bright images.


Screen dimmer and reading aid, may help with fluency, eye-strain, concentration and comprehension whilst reading.
Web Clipper che funziona! Il modo più semplice per ritagliare testo, immagini, collegamenti, e-mail e pdf da pagine Internet e…
New tabs open immediately instead of in the background
With flowkey you can learn piano by playing the songs you love. Play along with songs immediately using your own piano.
Record browser actions then replay immediately. Craft your own custom automation workflows.
100% free email tracking without any hidden signatures, logos or gimmicks.
Create timmers using placeholders. ie <<0:00+>>, <<5:00->>, <
Calcul automatique du rendement brut sur les annonces des grand sites immobiliers.
Click on a word in your browser window to immediately find out what it means in your favourite language.
Support arranging Trello lists into horizontal swimlanes. To start a new swimlane, just add | or a swimmer emoji to a list's header.
Kixie PowerCall enhances your Kixie experience by enabling click-to-call, immediate CRM data access and simple activity scheduling.
Keep system or display awake by overriding power-saving settings, which prevents dimming of the screen, or starting a screen saver
Automatically skips the ads on http://sh.st/ links immediately.
Automatically shows trimmed content in Google Mail™.
Get a Google Maps™ box attached to any address on a site or highlight text + use right-click menu to show it on a map immediately!
Screenshot any webpage or a portion of a webpage and immediately convert it into editable text.
Makes Immutable JS objects more readable when they are logged to the console.
The best way to send content to your reMarkable tablet. Print any website and pick it up immediately on your tablet.
This extension adds a WATCHED mark to the preview of the wholly or partly viewed video, and makes it dimmer. Like in good old days.
Immersive reading mode
Immerse yourself in the pleasure of arranging your vacations with MyTravelTab.
Provides translations on highlight, and review notecards, for articles you read in foreign languages.
Phrase Highlighting for Speed Reading - Read Faster Immediately. The "Readlax Reader" removes ads and distractions, leaving only…
Select a word on a website and immediately look up its translation. No tabs, no windows. Guranteed!
Extension automatically dims bright sites (which are not in a dark mode) to a desired level!
Learn languages while browsing the web. The extension translates part of the webpages automatically to the chosen language.
The Sync Booster will update any changes to your shared contacts immediately, making contact sharing faster than ever!
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