Stackoverflow Search Extension
Get access to contact details of LinkedIn, GitHub and StackOverflow profiles
Stop wasting time while programming! Adds many features to save time when searching for solutions on StackOverflow
Follow Questions & Users on StackOverflow & All StackExchange Sites. Get notifications for new answers/comments. Learn from experts
Beautify and format selected code as needed.
Stack Search adds to your Google Search results answers from: StackOverflow and StackExchange sites.
Remove all unnecessary clutter when looking for help on StackOverflow.
View as PowerShell adds a link to C# code snippets on GitHub, StackOverflow, MSDN and PInvoke.NET to convert the code to PowerShell…
Copy to clipboard posted code from stackoverflow.com, github.com & npmjs.com. Clipboard usage history.
Open external link on new tab on google search result, Jira and Stackoverflow
Create and manage your canned response templates easily on Gmail, Github, Stackoverflow, Outlook, UpWork and more.
Using stack notifier you can subscribe for set of tags in stackoverflow. And get inbox notifications
Remove distracting sidebars from StackOverflow.
Extract code snippet from StackOverflow
Shows StackOverflow and StackExchange questions in new tab window
Collect questions or anwsers on Stack Overflow
Sprinkles your interesting tags with a more color
Provides a new dark theme for stackoverflow chat.
Instant salary estimates for Indeed, ZipRecruiter, StackOverflow, & Dice
Tag specific search on stackoverflow.com, right from the Chrome Onmibar!
This extension helps to search on SO, and learn about your intention
Bring back '90s on Stackoverflow
Disables text selection on stackoverflow.com
Use the beautiful Fira Code font (https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode) and its ligatures for code chunks on StackOverflow!
Adds a button to toggle the Stackoverflow sidebar.
Replaces the text 'programming' with 'Googling StackOverflow' (plus variations.) Inspired by: http://bit.ly/1HF3QEe
Stack Over Follow - follow questions that you interesting in from the given list or from open tabs with questions in StackOverFlow.
View quick stats about StackOverflow and StackExchange posts from Google search results
Search your queries on stackoverflow
StackOverflow 在中国太慢,不知道是什么鬼原因
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