Makes Gmail your default email application and provides a button to compose a Gmail message to quickly share a link via email
Makes mailto: links open a Gmail™ compose window. Nothing more, nothing less.
Mailto links open Microsoft Office 365 Webmail / Outlook Web Application Compose by default
Move the reply/compose box to the top of conversation thread. Allows you to refer the latest response as you compose the reply.
Save your time: Compose an entire email while only using 3 words!
AI that writes your emails.
Compose Key for Chrome OS
AutoBcc.com Bcc Cc automatically when compose, reply and forward emails. Add multiple Google mail accounts. Work in Gmail & Inbox.
This light-weight extension adds a strike-through button to Gmail compose window - with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S.
This extension inserts a table of any size into a Gmail compose body.
Quickly open the compose window of Gmail. Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + C.
Reply to long emails point-by-point. Highlight text, press a button, and the quote shows up in your compose window.
This extension let's you interact with smart contracts on Hedera Hashgraph
Adds a button to the compose window in Gmail that will automatically Boomerang messages based on your chosen settings
Discover and listen to thousands of classical music works filtered by category, period and composer.
Replaces straight quotes ("like this") with smart quotes (“like this”) in Blogger's post editor and Gmail's compose box.
Bookmark mails and start compose in chrome-like tabs, add custom rich-text editor, auto add CC/BCC, reverse conversations and more..
Generate a newline-delimited block of text composed of the URLs of all tabs in the current window.
Without leaving your Gmail compose window easily search and add your favourite websites content beautifully into your emails.
Changes display of plain-text mails and compose window to a monospace font.
Grace à l'application Kavkom CLick2Call, ne perdez plus de temps à composer vos numéros! Compatible tout CRM (Sugarcrm, Zoho,…
TouchCast tool for Gmail allows setting TouchCast signature and formats TouchCast URLs in compose to a template.
Compose an email without leaving the page.
This extension is recommended for Angular developers. Its purpose is to make an idea how an Angular page is composed and which…
Changes background color of text formatting icons into gray in compose window.
Adds a 'Send & Add' button in the Gmail composer, which sends and adds the mail in Salesforce by using the bcc field.
Post to composer.io directly from your browser.
Create copy/pastable composer patch definition for vaimo/composer-patches.
This extension converts mailto links on websites to GMail compose
to compose an email directly
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