Trace omegle video chat ip location
Show Twitch Streamming Server Location
StreamLocator is the only extension that's specifically designed for streaming content from other countries.
Locate and save web elements and get their xpath/cssSelector code
Shows the IP address of current web site, locate the IP geolocation on the map.
Instantly auto-generate the most robust locator including Xpath, CSS selector and more for use with Selenium or Protractor.
Capitalize the Universal Resource Locator for the current domain
Eskry is a free add-on from redpawns | India, that helps automation testers and developers generating locators for HTML elements.
Easily locate and identify mixed content on any HTTPS site.
A new, easier way to shop online! Discover our deal-box!
The #1 email locator trusted by 9 million+ users. See emails in SalesNav, Recruiter, AngelList, CrunchBase, Google, etc.
Enables you to easily find Sencha Ext JS Components from DOM elements and generates various locators for them.
LocatorJS Chrome Extension - option-click to code (ReactJS)
Chrome Port of WebDriver Element Locator
Light IP Locator is a Chrome Extension which shows your external IP number and location. ## Features - With a clic on the…
A handy tool to log attributes and Selenide, Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Squish and TestCafe locators of the clicked element.
This extension will find any custom element on a page.
Locator genarates, validates and copies xpath/css selector on click. It also supports svg.
This extension finds a sequence of pages in the Library of Babel with the text from the website you're currently on.
It relocates the links to new left column.
This extension is a wrapper for the conference room locator app
Override on extension Sencha Component Locator written by Daniel Gallo. Enables you to easily find Sencha Ext JS Components from…
Write your tests faster and make them more reliable with TrueAutomation.IO smart locators.
在豆瓣读书页面显示湾区哪些图书馆有此藏书 - Show the list of libraries in Bayarea having the book on Douban Book page
Find emails from LinkedIn profiles
Generates relative XPath locator to automate any web applications running in a browser.
Show proper location of Airbnb on listing page
Smart Work Locator - eXtension
Find your qibla direction with online maps. Find out your qibla direction and angle of qibla with Qibla Finder
InvestAllocator chrome extension
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