Disables autoplay of all HTML5 audio and video
Stops video autoplay gracefully.
Disable autoplay and preloading of HTML5 video and audio players.
Disables autoplay of all HTML5 audio and video
Adds search bars for servers, stops videos from autoplaying, and more.
Disable YouTube HTML5 player from auto-playing.
Prevents from autoplay the HTML5
Eases your YouTube™ experience through stopping the autoplay. This version doesn't automatically start Videos.
Autoplays gifs on Google™ Search Images.
Stops autoplay on YouTube™. Extended: Starts the video when you focus the tab. Don't like? Use the version without 'Extended'.
This extension allows you to disable autoplay by default on Youtube
Harken back to the glory days of no weird hover states, autoplaying videos, and annoying Who's Watching prompts.
Keeps fullscreen, even after autoplay. Click on a show, click on the toggle button, and press F11, and enjoy your binge.
Watch videos in a popup. Auto HD, Resizable, Autoplay, Autoloop, No Ads, Movie Mode, Auto-pause/resume, and more!
This extension stops YouTube™ playlists from going to the next video automatically by toggling autoplay to 'off'.
Make Vimeo videos automatically play. When opening a video in a background tab, it only begins playing when you switch to that tab.
Turn off YouTube autoplay next video and disable YouTube annotations on videos.
This extension mutes all Chrome tabs by default. Great tool against autoplayed videos and ads!
You can turn autoplay off/on for playlists on YouTube. Refresh YouTube after toggling.
Disable autoplay on YouTube™ and save your autoplay settings between sessions.
Pause videos until you click on them.
NPRone : autoplay, speed up audio, and more
Autoplays Netflix TV Shows - Shuts down computer when done
Automatically shows replies and new comments in Disqus discussions. Stops autoplay media and opens URLs in a new tab/window.
Prevents YouTube™ videos autoplay
Disable videos autoplay on Tumblr dashboard.
Disable automatic jumps from current to next video on Youtube, TED, Bing and Vimeo.
BetBotz yobit.io AutoPlayer.. betbotz.com
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