可将网络上的任何内容保存到 OneNote。将其剪贴到 OneNote 中、进行整理和编辑,然后通过任何设置进行访问。
Use our Web Clipper to save any website into Notion.
Provides integration for Cyber-Ark products with the user's clipboard. (C) Cyber-Ark Software, Ltd. All rights reserved.
Clipboard helper tool tracks clipboard history + keyboard shortcuts
This extension provides access to file system and cryptography functionality, clipboard, and 1C:Enterprise add-ins.
Convert & compress videos, record webcam videos. Get faster YouTube uploads. Free & secure.
Eclipse is a neat dark theme for websites
ScreenShot and capture the whole Page, the whole tab and save it in PDF, PNG or copy to the clipboard
Copy tabs URL to clipboard (formats : text, HTML, JSON or custom). Paste to open multiple URL at one go.
Copy special characters to the clipboard
Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or exports them to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, Office 365, etc.
Synology Web Clipper 可将网页内容保存到 Synology NAS 以进行快速方便地访问。可保存文字、图片和链接的完整页面。
This extension allows IBM Cognos TM1 Web access to the clipboard.
Clear the clutter. Clip the web. Save to Notebook.
Clipboard helper for Secret Server
Enable right clicking, selecting, and copying text on pages that prevent these features. Also, prevent clipboard text injection.
Create tabs from clipboard URL list
Quickly copy tabs to the clipboard
Create, access and edit Writer documents from any tab, and clip references to a document.
Allows to manage your clipboard history and improve performance when working with text notes
Clip part of a web page , or a whole page to Microsoft OneNote right from the right-click menu.
Save screenshots into the library
Replace the paper clip icon by the kind of attachment an email has in Gmail.
Capture and save web pages and screenshots from your browser to Joplin.
Web Clipper che funziona! Il modo più semplice per ritagliare testo, immagini, collegamenti, e-mail e pdf da pagine Internet e…
Automatically copy selected text to the clipboard. Has many configurable options for controlling the behavior.
Start planning your next great piece of work by collecting inspiration from around the web.
Clipboard in the cloud.
This extension allows IBM Cognos TM1 Web access to the clipboard.
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