Helps to transcribe English words by double-clicking on the word while holding Alt + Ctrl (or Alt + Cmd key on Mac).
Add threat intelligence hover tool tips. IPv4, MD5, SHA2, CVE, FQDN or add your own ThreatIntel IOC. Use any REST API.
HackMD browser integration extension
Copy to clip board jira issue as 'CMD-999: Description'
Douban Movie + IMDb + Rotten Tomatoes
Capture pages, edit and upload images to Static.md
This Viewer allows you to view a DocuWorks XDW, Ichitaro JTD, Microsoft MDI file without having program installed on the machine.
Esta extensao tem o intuito de bloquear o Nonio! Pois, e uma forma consentida de violar a nossa privacidade. Dev MdaCosta
DimDisplay provides dark mode for simple pages
Chrome 工具箱,有用的工具集,常用文本处理工具,例如:排序,去重,修整,MD5摘要,SHA1摘要,代码格式化
在B站、豆瓣、IMDb、烂番茄、MetaCritic 网站上聚合显示电影评分、解说、片源等信息。
Converts and previews markdown files (.md, .markdown) to HTML right inside Chrome. dz改良版
Search MDN within Chrome omnibox itself
Adds TMDB ratings to Netflix interface.
IMDB-RARBG, A Chrome extension
Easily add bookmarks to any category. Includes spotlight-like search with mouse/keyboard support. Default key: cmd+b (win:ctrl+b)
Number tabs when the ctrl/alt/cmd button is held.
Resize browser window to Bootstrap sizes like col-lg col-md etc..
Diyanet sistemi ile uyumlu, namaz vakitlerini gösteren eklenti. Çevrimdışı çalışabilir ve uyari sistemi ve iftar sayacı vardir.
Finds IPs, Domains, MD5, SHA256, SHA1, fuzzy hashes and file names in web pages and matches to FireEye iSIGHT intelligence
Hot key (Cmd/Ctrl + O) that pulls up spotlight-like interface for open tabs.
See IMDb ratings for shows on the Amazon Prime Video homepage.
Add trailers, IMDB, Rotten Tomato, and MetaCritic ratings to the Netflix webpage.
Detects and shows (XL, LG, MD, SM, Col) values depending on the window width.
IMDB ratings, plot, cast, and other useful show information for Netflix.
Hides episode number count on IMDb. No more spoilers!
A simple extension that displays torrents for IMDB movies and series directly onto the page
Shows a page action for imdb/rotten tomatoes film pages to go to the letterboxd equivalant
Charmdate (Charming) ChatOS chat умный поиск собеседников
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