Adds ability to change song speed with an input next to the volume slider.
Adds a volume slider to most pages on bandcamp.com
Netflix fixes: movies go to pages instead of playing, removes sliders, shows ratings, and hides bad recommendations and rated items
Countdown the days until your exams, and distribute your remaining days among each topic to get an idea of how long you really have.
Adds slider to change ChromeCast volume on Pluto.TV
Adds a volume slider to twitter videos - TWITTER HAS A NATIVE ONE NOW
change the current & default speed of YouTube™ videos by steps of 0.1 from 0.1 up to 8.0 using sliders, buttons, and/or the keyboard
One click slide-show from any page with image links including: Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc and a sweet save all feature!
Skips all the skippable ads on youtube without waiting for five seconds, now comes with playback speed slider.
Snake - perfect for killing time when you're offline. Controls: Arrow keys to move, Slider to adjust speed (disabled during a game)
YouTube Speed Slider provides variable playback speed, screen darkening and more!
Adds a volume control slider to TikTok's web client.
Customize the appearance of Scoutbook. Its name comes from the original intent of making the sliders green instead of red.
A Photo Slider for Facebook , lets you watch any photos album on Facebook as a slide show, just like a screen-saver.
Keep your tabs ordered by their most recent usage.
Fixing the music slider to have finer control over the application volume.
Adds a volume slider to bandcamp album/song pages on the official bandcamp domain and some bandcamp sites with custom domains.
Chrome DevTools extension that adds a sidebar to the Elements panel to edit CSS Filters with sliders, support for drag and drop,…
Allows you to change the volume of the podcast you're listening to.
Cutback TimeSlider is a tool used to display a controls for the Greensock timeline (GSAP)
Set persistent start and end times for any YouTube video.
Calculate time difference across zones faster than ever. Find a time that works for everyone! 🕒 No sliders, button press, etc —…
Adds a volume control slider to Gfycat gifs with sound.
Very simple mortgage calculator for UK. Simply drag the slider to see your monthly repayment cost.
Fixes the Netflix Volume slider, making the response logarithmic rather than linear.
A tool to help with responsive design
Now available! Cutback for GSAP 3. Great tool just for banner experts.
Beautify Hemnet with Pinterest style galleries instead of the default image slider.
Play/pause slick slider
Just a simple extension to add a better volume control slider on Togethr.TV
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