The most tightly Google Drive integrated diagramming application available.
Find secure shops in your Google search: install the official Trusted Shops extension
Block Flash from loading automatically and allow content only on selected sites.
Helps you detect malicous website and emails from malicous sender. If any threats detected. It will alert you not to open.


Customize keyboard shortcuts to instantly open most visited websites.
Dedicated API for fetching the float value, paint seed, and screenshots of CS:GO items on the Steam Market or Inventories
Augments your Steam Experience
A browser Extension for auto loading paginated web pages. AutoPagerize use in many web site, and provide efficiently web browsing.
Make tasks disappear. Like magic. Free, top-rated text expander & autofill. Expand what you type & automate your repetitive tasks.
Password Checkup helps you resecure accounts that were affected by data breaches.
Provides two search profiles for parents and children respectively to keep the family’s search activities separated and safe.
Curated dark theme styles for the web
Unblock sites and browse the web privately and securely.
Free and unlimited screen recording software. Easy to use.
Auto HD quality for Youtube videos. Optimal video quality is selected based on your screen size.
Configures how WebRTC's network traffic is routed by changing Chrome's privacy settings.
The Shodan plugin tells you where the website is hosted (country, city), who owns the IP and what other services/ ports are open.
Find and remove duplicated bookmarks manually and in batches, get rid of broken bookmark links and empty folders.
Free email tracker for Gmail. Email opens tracking and link clicks statistics for your email messages.
Hide YouTube related videos, comments, shorts tab, suggestions wall, homepage recommendations, trending, and other distractions.
Convenient and fast translation of selected text on a web page.
Use the right-click menu to search for selected text in different search engines
Movies Search is an extension that replaces your default search and let’s you perform movies related searches. Movies Search is…
Animated Themes, Fonts, Backup et al. 1-Click easiest & fastest note taking app inside browser. (See demo)
If you wish to remove the NetDocuments Extension, please BACKUP your list of connected sites in case you want to reinstall later.
Get An Updated Weather Forcast With a Single Click - Our Weather Extension is Accurate, Fast And User Friendly
Gacha Life extension provide you with Gacha Life on PC new tab page. Created for Gacha Life fans.
Extract emails from visited pages - collect leads without effort
Provides a right click context menu to get stats on the selected text
Click the button on the popout and do the random bing searches. Optionally change the # of iterations and delay between searches.
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