Allows you to block YouTube™ videos and comments by blacklisting users and/or by using regular expressions.
Allows https://youtube.com/tv to load YouTube™ TV App from regular browser
Quick access to a search engine by hotkeys. Choose your regular engine from the list of mainstream and open it by hotkeys.
Redirect urls using regular expressions
Access https://youtube.com/tv from a regular browser. No ads in this extension.
Select link's text just like a regular text (like in Opera'12 browser) - Select like a Boss ;)
A find-in-page extension for Google Chrome with support for regular expressions.
AdGuard Extra is designed to solve complicated cases when regular ad blocking rules aren't enough.
Modify video playback rate from regular speed up to 60 times quicker!
This is a chrome extension that allows you to search the text of a page using regular expressions. Please note that because of the…
Allows data extraction of web pages via user-defined regular expressions.
Auto Refresh Page is the extension to refresh a page on regular intervals
Load YouTube™ TV App from regular browser. Supports 4K and 60FPS videos! This is the only official extension. Enjoy!
Allows users to load YouTube™ TV App from regular desktop browsers
Keep your eyes feeling fresh by scheduling regular breaks.
This extension will give you Latest ff redeem codes, free fire redeem codes that are updated regularly.
Handy tool for creating and testing regular expressions (regex)
Regularly reminds you to take a break. Blocks your browser during a break time.
Quick Clip is an easy to use Chrome Extension that helps you keep all the links you need to copy and past regularly in one place.
A regex engine to handle basic regular expressions on all viewed pages.
Lightweight tool to help you take regular eye breaks to prevent eye strain.
Does the regular Google logo bother you? Don't you wish it said something radically different? If so, then this is the extension…
Copy and save web pages to your personal archive on Cloud. Content highlighting is supported. Great alternative to regular bookmarks
Allows https://youtube.com/tv to load YouTube™ TV App from regular browser
Removes all ads and banners with simple regular expression rules.
This Chrome extension lets you specify arbitrary terms, including regular expressions. When your terms appear on a webpage, they…
1.3.1 Update: Issues with the pasted emoji fixed, regular ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is back! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Gone are the days of opening a new tab,…
Categorizer lets you manage and categorize the websites you visit regularly and the ones you only visit on certain days of the week!
Makes the regular .html books on Project Gutenberg easier to read.
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