A simple extension that allows you to schedule HipChat Meetings and stream your desktop into HipChat.
Discover outdoor destinations and get a daily dose of camping inspiration on your new tab screen.
Show IPython notebook attachment in the HipChat web app
This extension allows to remove history for a room page in HipChat
Add a list of available HipChat emoticons for easy use as well as some nice hot keys.
Bu eklenti Hipcall web telefonunuzu açmanızı, tıklayarak arama yapmanızı (CTI) ve gelen çağrıda bildirim almanızı sağlar.
Some tweaks to hipchat.com


Spoofing to get dem supersex retina resolution emoticons from hipchat
Uses webkitNotifications instead of Notification so that notifications are auto dismissed after 5 seconds.
Pin chat history even when you're a guest in HipChat
Adds additional features to the HipChat web interface.
Open the Hipcall webphone in a popup window, click to call (CTI) feature, and send notification when incoming calls.
Syntax highlighting for HipChat.
This extension sends the current tabs URL to HipChat.
Hides images in hipchat and allows you to click to view.
Enables Coship Config button
Hides Hipchat useless messages
This extension sends the current tabs URL to HipChat.
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