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Displays an icon if there is a Twitter website tag on a given page
Declutter the Twitter web experience.
Get the image on the twitter website with the original size.
Android/iOS like night mode for twitter web app
Filter tweets in Twitter web site.
Easily capture beautiful, high-resolution screenshot images of Tweets right inside the Twitter website
disable twitter web keyboard shortcut for tweet page.
Remove promoted Trends, Accounts, & Tweets from the Twitter website.
Dark mode with black background for twitter web app
This extension hides specified elements on the twitter website.
This extension allows you to cite tweets ("quote retweet") from the Twitter website.
Simplify the new Twitter Web UI
Now you can add Emoji icons directly from your Twitter Web
Chrome extension to add media thumbnails on your Twitter web pages
This extension allows make a retweet with a comment in Twitter web page
Provides several tools to change the Twitter website to suit you.
Twitter Webでの改行の表示を有効にします。
This Chrome Extension Helps You To Easily Change The Accent Color Of The Twitter Web Client. Before installing change the default…
Save GIFs directly from the Twitter website
A chrome extension that hides the Moments button on the Twitter website.
Visualize bitclout data on twitter. Display bitclout profile information on twitter website.
Wide and Clear theme for Twitter website.
Helper for the Badí' Calender Extension, to show Badí' dates in Twitter web pages.
Twitter Web View
Twitter Web版に、自動リロードをはじめとした機能を追加します。
Twitter Web版の「プロモーションする」ボタンを削除します。
Bringing profile search button to Twitter web!
Hide inline images and sponsored tweets in Twitter Web
Automatically show new tweets on Twitter web interface.
A sharp claw (i.e. Chrome Extension) for Larry (the Twitter Bird), which adds some utility to the twitter website user experience.
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