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Quickly clear all your browser cache with a single click.
This extension will clear the Browser Cache on every start of Chrome..
Refresh current page bypassing the cache: clear cache + hard reload
Clear cache with one click and browse fast. Trusted by million.
Clear cache and refresh the page at the same time
Find Running Technologies on Website, SSL certificate details, page loading time, clear cache and cookies
Twitter and FaceBook OGP cache clearing support tool.
Clear cache and cookies with 1 click for the current site only.
It helps to developer & tester. I will clear cache of your webpage. So there is no need press cntl+f5 again and again
Clear cache and cookies on a selected interval.
clear cache with one click
Chrome Booster with featured Unsplash images, DuckDuckGo Search And Clear Cache & Cookies Option
Borrar historial de navegación de Chrome, cache, cookies, descargas, formularios, localStorage y más en un clic. Clear Cache limpia…
Clear cached data with just one click.
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