Provides Form-Fill SSO capabilities when used with Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity product
L.O.C is a collection of automation tools.
Just click automation
Automation 360 extension to automate web applications in Google Chrome
automatically fill data on cowin portal to speed up slot booking
LinkedIn automation software to find leads and engage with prospects.
Automation Software for LinkedIn lead generation, social selling and LinkedIn auto connect tool
Extension for automating chromium browser, Create project -> Record -> Edit Automation -> Manage -> Play
Automation Anywhere Enterprise extension to automate web applications in Google Chrome.
Generate new qualified leads and save more than 70% of your Linkedin prospecting time.
One-click automations for your repetitive tasks
Record browser actions then replay immediately. Craft your own custom automation workflows.
Ranorex automation support.
Pitch content from Highspot directly within popular social media channels as well as sales automation platforms.
Create browser bots without code. Automate repetitive work.
GG Auto clicker helps you automate mouse clicks on your chrome browser and has multiple options for automation.
Draw and share diagrams easily with automation and powerful integrations. Try the solution used by 96% of the Fortune 500
Toolkit For IG is a collection of automation tools for Instagram.com.
Records a user session and generates cypress code for automation and testing purposes.
WA Web Sender and engagement tool. Adds customer engagement, sender, privacy and automation features on top of WhatsApp™ Web.
Recruitment Automation Software
The simplest and most advanced testing automation tool, using Adaptive Learning and Computer Vision image validation.
Anaylse Instagram users, Download all available data, AI powered smart automations & a bunch of tools for all your Instagram needs
This extension enables web-pages shown in Chrome to be part of a context synchronisation session with the Sirenia Driver Platform…
Useful automations for your Facebook groups!
Eskry is a free add-on from redpawns | India, that helps automation testers and developers generating locators for HTML elements.
Report automation software. Create automatic charts from files, cloud storages and databases.
Grow your Instagram™ Followers Effectively and Safely. Grow 50+ followers per day!
Easy broadcast and automation for Official Account
LinkedIn automation for Growth, Sales, Outreach, Lead Generation and Job seek
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