Score alerts you to Point-earning opportunities and coupon codes when you shop. Score does the work. You get the savings.
Display PHP errors & vars dumps in Google Chrome console and notification popups, execute PHP code remotely.
This extension will check web content and convert to Unicode encoded text if they are Zawgyi.
A chrome extension for reading QR code from webpage.
When it comes to promo codes, cash back and price comparisons, The CouponCabin Sidekick by CouponCabin.com always has your back.
Easily extract CSS and HTML from selected element. Then send it to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin with one click.
Allows you to select colors from any web pages, color picker to get pixel code, RGB...
Spin up fresh, automated dev environments for each task, in the cloud, in seconds.
Create and share short links using tinyurl, bit.ly, cutt.ly, is.gd, v.gd, tny.im and also generate QR code for shortened Url
Live preview of CSS/Less/Sass code changes. Auto-save file, autocomplete, Less/Sass to CSS, beautify, CSS reloader, lint, ...
Collects and displays SAML messages
By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code
decode QRcode via context-menu.
Shop with the FatCoupon extension for cash back and automatic coupons at over 10.000 stores.
Choose what video codec YouTube should play for you
Beautify CSS, JavaScript and JSON code when you open a .css/.js/.json file.
An adventure game that kids play and learn to code for Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux
Free HTML Editor for Gmail™ - code HTML email directly from Gmail
HEX, RGB Color picker, Advanched Eyedropper, Find color code on any page
Extension for signing documents in Xades and Cades format with help of Security Code company software.
💻 Get implementation code for machine learning research papers with code directly on Google, ArXiv, Scholar, Twitter, Github, etc.
This extension predicts rating changes for Codeforces. It shows approximate deltas during and after the contest.
An easy to use eyedropper tool that automatically copies the Hex Code of the desired color.
Avec le Décodex, évaluez en un clin d’oeil si les sites que vous consultez sont fiables.
Quickly insert “snippets” – email addresses, signatures, code chunks, form letters – as you type, using custom abbreviations.
Allows you to pick colors from any web pages, color picker to get pixel code, rgb,...
Add coupon codes & get cash back when shopping online!
力扣辅助刷题插件,便于 labuladong 的读者高效刷题。
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