Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration! Brought to you by desmos.com
Desmos allows you to type commands which automatically turn into Greek letters, for example "alpha" -> α, "beta" -> β. But only…
Use custom colors and more in Desmos to beautify your graphs
Supercharge your Desmos graph creation and sharing experience with many convenient features
Download a Desmos teacher dashboard. (unofficial)
This extension allows a user to get a GIF from LaTeX, a GIF from a Desmos graph, and a PDF file.
Generates image based on equations entered using the MathQuill (Desmos) equation editor.
Automatically save your Desmos projects! Never lose your work again.
Makes variable values easier to read when in projector mode
Browser extension for better user control of the Desmos graphing calculator configuration
Converts parametrically defined equations in Desmos to CSS animations
Enable a wider frequency and duration range for the audio trace function in Desmos.
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