Expand your inbox. Set Yahoo as your default search and enjoy a wider view.
Extract, edit, and evaluate XPath queries with ease.
AutonomIQ offers a developers platform ChroPath to generate and validate unique selectors like relative xpath with iframe support
Make tasks disappear. Like magic. Free, top-rated text expander & autofill. Expand what you type & automate your repetitive tasks.
Chrome extension to expand the number of search suggestions that are shown in the Amazon search bar.
xPath plugin to auto generate, write and verify xpath & cssSelector.
Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
Click on any element to get the xPath
Huge Amazon & KDP search suggestion expander and one click download.
Create smart text expansions to get more done and streamline your work. Billions of keystrokes saved!
Find any email you need on LinkedIn and web domains. Contact decision makers, expand your network and grow your business.
Quickly insert “snippets” – email addresses, signatures, code chunks, form letters – as you type, using custom abbreviations.
Auto-generate robust XPath, link text, RanoreXPath, and CSS selectors for use with Selenium.
Expands the YouTube Video to fill your entire web browser Window.
Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
All Image Download. Image Zoom. Expand Thumbnail and Audio and Video. Expand the short URL. Override Referer. Extend BBS. etc...
A helper tool for to confirm CSS and XPath selector.
Woohoo, just right click on the first and second element to get the relative xpath. Have Fun!!
Filter any element on any web site with any condition with XPath and RegExp
Expand your possibilities in the game. Win in the Arena and in GW, easily pass adventures. Find out params of competitors heroes.
Ruto brings the best XPath to you. We are striving hard to improve better performance and more new features
Expands all images & webm's in a thread with the click of a button. Once expanded, you can choose to save all images into a folder.
Parse the html DOM to determine the XPATH of elements
TruePath generates the relative XPath, script and analyzes code on click
Click.Repeat. Clicks an element in a given time interval continuously. Just enter element's Xpath & time(in seconds) to auto click.
Access to bookmarks from anywhere. Expanding the capabilities of the Onlinezakladki.ru service. For Google Chrome browser.
Create XPath queries select similar elements and visualize the results.
Find Elements According To Xpath In Chrome DevTools.
Locate and save web elements and get their xpath/cssSelector code
Chrome extension for XPath operations on current document, reliable and easy to use with fully featured XPath 2.0 support.
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