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释放黑暗的力量。 使用暗模式扩展关闭Web灯
Simple button turns on dark mode for all webpages. Classic design of Dark Theme changes web to black color
Take control of noisy tabs: mute by default, blacklists, and more
BadURLDefender - checks the opening sites according to the blacklist URL and prevents them from opening
Adds a playback speed button to Blackboard Collaborate recordings.
Monitore e Compare os preços nas melhores lojas da internet. Busque cupons de desconto automaticamente e fuja da Black Fraude!
Download and save Blackboard Collaborate recordings. This extension works for any type of Blackboard Collaborate recording and is…
Tableau de blackjack qui vous sert de mémo lors de vos partis.
Black material dark theme. Dark Inactive/Incognito. No outlines around tab.
Black Panther turn new tab to custom HD MHA Black Panther background. Black Panther theme for My marvel universe fans.
Black New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed specifically for black lovers. Changes your tab with an epic black new tab.
Give your Chrome a new look with Call of Duty Black OPS wallpapers wallpapers bring your chrome a new look and useful tools
The dark theme protects the eyes, changing the Wikipedia theme to black. For those who do not like the white theme Wikipedia.
Block URLs by blacklist
Grayscale for webpages, convert them to black & white colour. Change or invert the color scheme to make webpages easier to read.
Enjoy NBA Kobe Bryant wallpapers in custom new tab themes made for NBA Kobe Bryant fans. Cool features, Black Mamba backgrounds.
Require password for blacklisted sites
A black theme for UNCC Canvas
To control the playback speed of blackboard video
Remove annoying black bars from video
Various layout and style changes intended to improve the usability of Blackboard
The dark theme protects the eyes, changing the Ebay theme to black. For those who do not like the white theme Ebay.
Changes The scroll bar to a small simpler black and red scrollbar. Based on my red and black nerv evangelion theme.
Base level extension
Magic Sidebar by BlackMagic.so
Give pages a better dark mode by avoiding things like full white text on full black background.
the world wide web in black and white
Print sales documents (such as receipts and tickets) from Blackbaud Altru using Google Chrome on a Windows machine.
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