Cute and well-tested dark themes for websites
Cute and well-tested dark themes for websites
Fastest Way to Copy Text from Videos & Images
Black & White是一款能帮助您将谷歌浏览器主题更改为黑白永恒经典配色主题的Chrome插件。
Simple button turns on dark mode for all webpages. Classic design of Dark Side changes web to black color
Black shards with red splitting out. DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER HERE:…
As requested, i have made a black and blue shards theme. Wallpaper can be downloaded here:…
探索 Google 的世界从未如此简单
Simple. Beautiful Theme.
Like my other themes but in green :) Wallpaper can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhodvl0bldl19al/GREEN.png?dl=0…
Apply Black Theme for popular social networks
Night Shift - Apply Dark Theme for Chrome. Black Mode for every site
Cute and well-tested dark themes for websites
BLACKPINK 新标签页中的全高清壁纸和主题
Removes videos black bars on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Youtube by changing to ultrawide video aspect ratio.


A cool futuristic (black and blue) theme for your Google Chrome web browser. This background image is suitable for screen…
Allows you to block YouTube™ videos and comments by blacklisting users and/or by using regular expressions.
The dark theme protects the eyes, changing the Instagram theme to black. For those who do not like the white theme Instagram.
List, manage and install apps on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook.
Removes black bars on ultrawide videos and offers advanced options to fix aspect ratio.
Toggle 21:9 Video on Disney Plus to be full screen on Ultrawide monitors (Removes Black Bars)
Change the playback speed for Blackboard Recorded Lectures.
Blackpink 新标签壁纸和游戏,专为 blackpink 爱好者设计。用一个很棒的 blackpink 新标签替换你的新标签。
Quick access to our online tools ping, tracert, domain search, dns blackhole list, dns lookup, reverse ip and whois lookup.
More comfortable video watching on YouTube. No adverts, GIF, screenshots, mouse control of the sound, blacklist..
Blacklist is a very simple website blocker designed for personal use.
Black Clover Anime Wallpaper NewTab turns newtab to custom theme with Black Clover anime wallpaper. Made for Black Clover anime fans
For those who enjoy the dark side of life, beautiful quotes and black and white imagery with each new tab. Reset your expectations.
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