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Block sites to close access to them while you work
Unblock sites and browse the web privately and securely.
Block sites to discourage procrastination
Block sites to close access to them while you work
Blocks you from accessing websites of your choice.
Bypass domain name blocks using Google Public DNS
Block sites linked to climate change denial
A productive environment without any distractions. Block sites that distract yourself from your main tasks. Stop procrastination!
Online companies spends millions to keep you distracted. Block sites, remember why you visit, and don't give up your autonomy.
Block sites easily (or set a maximum time limit) and be productive. Has scheduling, whitelist mode, redirect when blocked and more
Automatically block sites known for being click-baity, and allow custom settings to add or remove sites from those lists.
Block sites simply!
Block sites for less distraction, and get more done
Focus on what is important. Block sites and override new tab from showing dial pad.
Quickly block sites
Block sites and drive you to work!
Blocks websites based on a list of domains
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