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Access chrome download page. Find your downloaded files
A shortcut to Chrome downloads
Chrome download manager allows you to manage your downloads faster, more convenient and efficient.
This extension helps you managing your donwloads.
A simple extension for lazy man: Open Chrome Download Manager directly by one click from the toolbar.
Provides quick icon access to your Chrome downloads.
Chrome Download Manager
This extension provides quick access to your Chrome downloads and replaces the Chrome download tab bar.
Quick Button to Chrome Downloads
A Material Design of Chrome Download Manager.
Awesome button to open your Chrome downloads in a new window or tab. If the downloads page is already open, that tab is selected.
直接从浏览器工具栏管理下载。 最方便的下载管理器为您的浏览器。
Fix Google Chrome download user interface. Features: * Hide gray downloading shelf below screen. * Open downloads page when icon…
Easy extension for quick accesing download page
Open downloads in Chrome Downloads tab, rather than bottom bar.
Keeps the Chrome downloads neat and tidy
Фильтр загружаемых файлов для стандартного загрузчика chrome
Track your chrome downloads from another device. No account or app required!
Logs Chrome downloads API events
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