Lets get uninterrupted access to websites. It allows you to open blocked sites.
将请求重定向到本地资源,保护你免于 CDN(内容分发网络)的跟踪。
Loads all http headers, cookies and Akamai response headers (http/https)
Want to view a cached website? With WebCache it takes 1 click to view the Google Cache, Wayback Machine, Archive.is, or Coral CDN!
将 Google CDN 替换为国内镜像
This extension adds eCDN capabilities to Google Meet developed by StriveCast.
Local emulation of Content Delivery Networks
Instantly Copy/Past CDN or download starter template - Stop loosing your time looking for Jquery, Angular or other frameworks
Is It Cached? gives you an overview about the browser cache, all cache-relevant response headers and also detects multiple CDNs.
此plugin是用於修正PS Store網頁板觀看時價錢無法顯示之Bug之臨時方案 原因有可能為官方CDN設定不當造成 安裝後在瀏覽 PS Store時會自動修正錯誤的HTTP檔頭 原作者為巴哈姆特Rif 原討論串…
View loaded resource headers and check CloudFlare CDN cache settings.
Ignore Google scripts and route Google CDN to Cloudflare.
This extension injects any JS library from CDNJS.com into a page.
Load JavaScript (and CSS) libraries into any page/tab, via cdnjs.com or custom url
将 Google Web Resource CDN 替换为指定的CDN,解决访问Google CDN失败的问题。
使用由 360 网站卫士 CDN 驱动的前端公共库替代网站中 Google 公共库&字体库的请求。
Allow the ability to change the CDN location on the fly.
Easily Find the CDN links for your projects
This extension edits the HTML of 4chan pages so that images only use i.4cdn, and aren't absolute shit.
Cache CDN files locally.
CDN Control Chrome Extension
PHPS CDN 사용자의 컨텐츠를 실시간 퍼지할 수 있게 해주는 앱입니다.
cdnjs-ext is a Chrome extension that allows you to interact with cdnjs in a quick and simple way.
Replace Steam CDN with Addones CDN.
jQuery-Injector Base on baidu CDN
Replace the links of cdnjs with Qiniu.
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