Scopus authenticated users can download PDF files directly from Scopus!
Digital Signature of eReturns, PDF & Web User Auth, RSA Encryption/Decryption, Certificate Enrollment/Download on Smartcard.
Client support for Privacy Pass anonymous authorization protocol.
ContentKeeper Authenticator
Authy: Two-Factor Authentication from your PC
Interface for authenticators such a Smart Cards and YubiKeys
This extension will allow users to set password for the browser to avoid unauthorized access. Prompts for password on chrome startup
This application generates TOTP tokens for multi-factor authentication used by Google, Dropbox, Amazon and many others.
The authentic snake game in a popup.
Messaging API between web pages and DigiCert PKI Client
Automatically authenticate with Cipafilter
Provides content authorisation for Impero
Decentralized signature, identity and authentication system.
This extension allows healthcare workers from the province of Quebec to get securely authenticated with the QHR access device.
Automatically identify inauthentic accounts and toxic Twitter trolls.
Solves those tricky authorization text filled images in web pages (CAPTCHAs) instead of you.
Book Report is the best way for indie authors and publishers to track their sales data.
This Chrome Extension is a component of Authorize.Net Point-of-Sale tools.
TRACK is a small chrome extension which is installed on clients users computer’s hard drive by authorized district personnel only.…
Provides content authorisation for Impero
MYKI Password Manager Browser Extension
Trace and decode all SAML, WS-Federation and OAuth 2.0 (OIDC) messages
Website Informer is an ultimate tool to evaluate authority and popularity of websites you are visiting.
Automatically login to your favourite websites without entering credentials , even for Basic Auth Now
Deer Hunter 3D bring you the most authentic deer hunting experience. With more weapons and scenes, enjoy it
Check Open Graph on internet unreachable sites like localhost or under basic auth. Temporary host site head tags on hashed url.
The OAuth 2.0 Playground is a tool for developers that simplifies experimentation with the OAuth 2.0 protocol and APIs.
The free password manager extension comes with autofill & autologin including websites that support the Authenticator format.
View Instagram Stories anonymously and stay private. Watch Stories and the author will never know you did it. Stay invisible!
This extension is used by bank tenants to fetch a generated oAuth token from a native module.
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