使 Windows 上的 Chrome 书签与 iPhone、iPad 和 Mac 上的 Safari 浏览器书签保持同步。
Extends the 1Password app on your Mac or Windows PC, so you can fill and save passwords in your browser.
Produce music online with builtin synthesizers, drum machines, effects and samples.
iCloud 密码可让您配合 Windows 上的 Chrome 使用在 iPhone、iPad 和 Mac 上的 Safari 浏览器和 App 中创建的密码。
Automate your web browser. Record and replay repetitious work
Browse web mobile Instagram site directly from your Desktop (Pc / Mac)
McAfee SiteAdvisor For Mac
Open your Microsoft Visio files for free
SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status
Provides Chrome browser integration for the official LiveReload apps (Mac & Windows) and third-parties like guard-livereload and…
The Official Wayback Machine Extension - by the Internet Archive.
iBis Paint X - Run on Windows/macOS
A very easy to use drum machine.
Virtual Browser for Chrome!(works on Mac/ChromeBook/Linux; Runs Internet Explorer (IE6 - IE11) / Java / Silverlight / ActiveX)
McAfee Endpoint Security For Mac Web 控制
Do you want to Download and Install Snapchat For PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP or Mac)? Visit Offered by website link.
镜像您的 Chromebook 或者电脑屏幕到另外一台电脑(PC或MAC)
Chromoji adds both Apple & Google style emoji symbols to Google Chrome for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Podcastle converts text news/articles to a podcast, with very natural human speech using machine learning.
Want to view cached pages and cached websites? Right-click on any link or page to view the Wayback Machine or Google Cached pages.
中文 Figma 插件,设计师人工翻译校验。
An adventure game that kids play and learn to code for Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux
Press Alt+Shift+D to duplicate the current tab (Option+Shift+D on Mac). Shortcut is configurable.
Google Home for pc extension provide you with 'GoogleHome' design on new tab. Designed for 'GoogleHome' app fans.
Unofficial DeepL Translator Extension. Try out the world’s best machine translation.
💻 Get implementation code for machine learning research papers with code directly on Google, ArXiv, Scholar, Twitter, Github, etc.
Bluestacks emulator software allows you to run phone applications on Windows and Mac computers.
Emoji for Google Chrome Web. Copy-paste Emojis. Compatible Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. Works on website/App. Smileys - Stickers
Whatsapp for PC and windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP or Mac PC extension for Google Chrome lets you know about latest news of Whatsapp
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