Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript editing and JavaScript debugging using JetBrains IDEs.
Opens a list of URLs
Make YouTube tidy+smart! YouTube video color ad skip volume speed channel tool style HD ads adblock adblocker tags keyword playlist
Looks up the readings for kanji words and inserts them as furigana
Extensão para utilização do leitor e do cartão com chip no acesso ao Internet Banking Banrisul.
A extensao e necessaria para criptografia do player por uma questao de seguranca dos conteudos dos estudios parceiros.
Play a quick closest-to-the-hole challenge on championship golf courses around the world. Free online HD golf game.
Fast-paced '90s-style first-person shooter with an abstract 2.5D-meets-voxels aesthetic, made entirely in JavaScript / WebGL.
Share information anonymously with Crime Stoppers programs, Law Enforcement entities, and schools.
Group YouTube subscriptions into YouTube folder. Video Deck for Youtube. Mark as watched videos. Filter YouTube video. Youtube mode
Copy tabs URL to clipboard (formats : text, HTML, JSON or custom). Paste to open multiple URL at one go.
AliExpress tool for price tracking, seller rating & order listing. Must have for dropship & online shopping.
Good old Wikipedia gets a great new look
Don't waste your time with compliance. Universal Bypass automatically skips annoying link shorteners.
All the GIFs and Stickers from GIPHY.com in a compact extension. Just search, then drag and drop!
Quick way to enable/disable Javascript
Automatically deletes browsing history and optionally other browsing data.
Copy special characters to the clipboard
Secure password storage with the MultiPassword.com password manager featuring syncing across devices and web browsers.
Share desktops or windows during a call with other Attend Anywhere Video Call participants.
Allows you to watch video while browsing the web with Picture-in-Picture mode
Play 18 holes on championship golf courses around the world. Earn credits and prizes. Play with friends. Free online HD golf game.
Block ads and Auto skip ad on most video players.
Trace omegle video chat ip location
Set up refresh timers on multiple tabs. Both powerful and easy-to-use tool.
Refresh pages periodically with precise 1s intervals. Works on multiple tabs simultaneously.
AliPrice.com -- Your money-saving assistant on AliExpress, Gearbest, Banggood, Joybuy and Lazada.
Split a screen into separate Tabs with ease. Resize opened tabs into layouts on separate windows with multiple displays support.
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