UltraBlock is a free cross-platform browser extension for filtering content, including ad blocking.
We build superior ad blocking experience with a huge list of ad blocking filters.
Protect your Privacy by blocking Ads, Trackers and removing Third-Party Cookies. Clean, Fast and Reliable browsing!
Прицельная блокировка рекламы, подозрительных сайтов и скриптов
We built supreme ad blocking experience with a long list of ad blocking filters.
Prevent your tab to be closed or reloaded
Get rid of coronavirus! I will replace for you everywhere the 'coronavirus' with 'love' (or any other word you choose...)
Take a break from Facebook posts related to COVID-19
Enjoy a phobia free web. Block scary images from a long list of physical things.
Disable all images and block unwanted website for one week.
Blocks the new adblock block on Ekstra Bladet.
Alivia a ansiedade escondendo as postagens no Facebook sobre coronavirus ou outros tópicos.
Peek at the execution of a transaction before signing it
Disable all images and blank the remaining ones.
CoronaBlocker replaces covid related words with friendlier alternatives.
Sanitize the web. Be creative.
CoronaBlocker vervangt viruswoorden voor vriendelijkere alternatieven.
Hide images and videos on sites except those on the (managed) whitelist.
Užijte si vyhledávání bez koronaviru. Postaveno na https://github.com/realmichaelye/CoronaBlocker a rozšířeno pro CZ.
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