Sends your downloading jobs to the Free Download Manager by pausing the built-in download manager
Adds functionality and fixes to the Shopify Dashboard (for free!)
Descarga masivamente los CFDI (XML y PDF) del SAT México
A Chrome Extension inspired by http://gifdanceparty.giphy.com/
Tracking multiple charts when trading: Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stoch, Bitcoin, Binary Option, CFD, Futures, tradingview
MAC ve Pardus Canlı Dersi Zoom ile başlatma https://gist.github.com/sh4dowb/9ecdc521c7323411f3294d5126a2bfde uygulasını çalıştırır
FDownloader.Net is a free Facebook video downloader that allows you to download facebook videos with high quality: HD 1080p, 2K, 4K.
Obtiene los CFDI de la página del SAT
Toolkit provides Package.xml out of change sets. Test coverage export functionality. Fast navigation to User detail. Big Query.
Complemento para descargar XML directamente del SAT.
Tool for analyzing Ads on Facebook™ Social Network: The plugin shows how many ads are shown and their value based on your profile
Descarga todos los CFDIs en la busqueda del porta SAT
Descarga masivamente los CFDI (XML y PDF) del SAT
L'extension des fdp (fan de paulok)
The FOEX Developer Addon (FDA) is required to develop Applications using the FOEX Plugin Framework for Oracle APEX.
Afdah Download free Movies in HDs
Descarga todos tus comprobantes del portal del SAT, con un clic genera un ZIP con los XML y PDF o impórtalos a tu panel de K bill.
Vyhledávání v CSFD.cz filmové databázi a různé rozšíření CSFD stránek.
Proteja o acesso ao Internet Banking do seu banco com o SurfDog.
Obtiene un resumen detallado de los CFDI de la página del SAT para exportarlos a Excel
Redirects directly to User Detail instead of new Chatter User Profile on salesforce.com
Allows you to use Quip as an authoring tool for the Taleggio Test Repository
Various tools to help SFDC admins work more efficiently!
Esta herramienta es un Plug-in o extensión de contaDIGITAL® en el navegador Chrome. Su función es descargar CFDIs desde el portal…
Fd Cypress Recorder captures user interactions and generates Cypress test code.
SFDC Query Manager is a very handy extension at your disposal for querying records on the fly while being on the same page and…
SalesforceXyTools,SFDC,Salesforce,Force.com.Quickly Search Sobject,Apex,VF.1 click Login SFDC.Auto Create & Run Soql, Apex Script
Skvělý pomocník pro vyhledávání v Česko-Slovenské filmové databázi (csfd.cz). Filmy a seriály se zobrazují přímo v doplňku.
Collections of useful shortcuts and utilities for Salesforce Developers and Admins.
FLS Comparator - Automation to compare Field Level Security to a different field or to a new field in the same or different SFDC Org
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