Instead of blocking JS-API, Canvas Defender creates a unique and persistent noise that hides your real canvas fingerprint
Click the icon in the address bar or press Alt+Shift+V to validate the current page. Results can be seen in Chrome's JS console.
Export your Chrome History as an Excel-readable CSV file or as a JSON file.
Shows the knockout context & data for the selected dom node in a sidebar of the elements pane.
Explore and Troubleshoot your WebGL scenes easily.
Create,edit,delete and Format JSON object easyly.
Port of Firefox's JSON Viewer
Used alongside the JSTorrent BitTorrent Chrome app, adds extra functionality
Saves changes in CSS and JS that was made via Chrome DevTools
Easily build validated json-ld structured data markup for any webpage. Based on schema.org specification
Developer tools for 3D library three.js.
Create and update SharePoint Online/SP2013/SP2016/SP2019 css/js files, inject files to web, manage web/list properties, list Webhook
Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into excel, xls, xlsx, csv, json, xml files.
Connect to a WebSocket server to send and receive raw JSON messages.
Scanning website for vulnerable js libraries
Find all JSONPaths for a specified node within a JSON document
Render AsciiDoc (.ad, .adoc, .asc, .asciidoc) as HTML inside your browser!
Write and execute ES6/ES2015 within DevTools!
Helps you in debugging AngularJS applications. Extends the elements panel in devtools to display scope properties.
Add Custom JavaScript (JS) Code or Styles (CSS) to any page.
Allows to export Chrome history and bookmarks into JSON file, which can be converted to CSV/XLS/XLSX file at http://www.json-xls.com
A Modern S3 Browser with AWS JS SDK
This plugin will remember all css/js code you injected in every website and auto-inject them when web page is loaded
Makes JSON easy to read. Open source.
Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications. Based on AngularJS Batarang
DevTools extension for debugging Alpine.js applications.
Turn a PHP var_dump into a readable, collapsible piece of art! JSONView for var_dump's
Fastr Pages - through less refreshes. Made with turbolinks.js
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