A simple digital clock for the toolbar. This is JUST THE MINUTES. Pair with the hours for an awesome readable clock in your toolbar!
The 2nd World War: Tank clashes, Naval battles, Air combat. In Call of War you rewrite the course of history!
Displays a helpful hair on the screen
This extension simulates the website as a color vision impaired person would see.
The best word game for all ages. Beat the computer at easier levels first and then get a go at the toughest level! During the game…
Easy Screen Recorder for Chrome to Record Screen, Webcam and Share Videos in Seconds!
Connect your Airbnb listings with PriceLabs
Solitaire Games是一款可以支持谷歌浏览器用户进行单人纸牌游戏的Chrome插件。
The easiest way to get Miles at participating online stores.
L'alerte Bons Plans vous informe instantanément de la disponibilité d’un cashback lorsque vous visitez un site marchand partenaire.
Capture research and use it in your writing - no matter where you write online.
This extension starts a google on-air hangout.
Aloha Solitaire是一款能支持谷歌浏览器用户玩夏威夷主题的单人纸牌游戏Chrome插件。
Cherchez un livre sur Amazon et trouvez-le dans une vraie librairie
MyAdFilter est un filtre publicitaire limitant au minimum le nombre de publicités par page.
Get paid for browsing the web. Pairs with the Solipay mobile app.
Gives you the real price per night of an Airbnb stay after accounting for any and all fees
Freecell solitaire card game - classical
Solitaire is a fascinating kind of card game.
Block explorer and anonymous crypto portfolio tracker for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others in your browser
Notifies and rings you when you have a new message!
This extension allow you to send the URL with the selected text by email or Gmail quickly.
2020年新品! -100%免费的经典单人纸牌游戏!VAWLT的纸牌收集带来了乐趣。 玩这些免费,诚实,真正随机的洗牌,纸牌游戏以放松,休息或挑战自己。 非常适合所有年龄段的人,在美国手工制作,并受到世界各地数百万粉丝的喜爱。 VAWLT的Solitaire…
Play a beautiful, modern collection of Solitaire games right from your browser, all in one place.
A chrome extension that highlights the correct answers, pairs matches, and autofills input fields
Extension qui propose des liens vers les ressources à partir des identifiants documentaires.
Over 20 floors of exciting cards games are waiting for you, with all sorts of cool versions of the classic solitaire game.
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