Click 1-Click Snipe on any Ebay Auction to bid at the last second.
Shift-click first and last checkbox to select/deselect range.
Last Wood unblocked is a cool sea survival simulator game for browser! Play Last Wood unblocked game in the extension
Delete multiple scrobbles from your Last.FM profile.
韦斯·克莱文是一位美国电影导演,从 1972 年第一部分作品《杀人不分左右》(The Last House on the Left) 开始,他的电影自始至终充满了紧张悬疑的气氛,总是能揪住观众的心。在此后的多年中,克莱文执导了 20 多部电影,包括《猛鬼街》(A…
Scrobbling YouTube music videos to Last.fm with support for chapters/tracks
A tool to force download any URL. Additionally it monitors all requests and logs last embedded audio/video media.
This extension keep last two tabs to prevent Chrome quits when last tab is closed.
A free email merge tool for mass email campaigns right in your Gmail™.
? GUI for Elasticsearch Queries
The World's First Elastic Email Scraper
Easy app for work with elasticsearch
Missing CSV export feature for Elasticsearch on Kibana Dashboard. Start exporting search results as CSV file from Kibana Discover.
Fast-paced, last-man-standing style 1v1 battles.
Opens new tab after the active tab, instead of last position.
ElasticSearch Query Builder
Extension that makes a mini version of Last.fm in Chrome. Shows your recommended artists/events, friends, recently played tracks,…
Adds configurable desktop notifications, last.fm scrobbling, and more to turntable.fm
Rapidly search Quizlet for those last-minute homework and exam questions!
Switch between the current and recent last tabs, using Alt + Q for Windows, Linux or Command + E for Mac
Powerfully filter & sort by tags, ratings, visit count, date added, and last visit. And save smart collections for later!
Quickly enable/disable the Lastpass Plugin.
Basic web MP3 player for your daily listening needs
Enjoy The Last of Us wallpapers in custom new tab themes made for The Last of Us fans. Cool features, hd TLOU wallpaper backgrounds.
Enjoy Star Wars The Last Jedi wallpapers in custom new tab themes. Cool features, hd Starwars Last Jedi wallpaper backgrounds.
Ad Blocker for safe Internet browsing
Keep one (optionally unfocusable) per window pinned tab open at all times. Prevents Chrome windows from closing with last tab.
Focus Last Selected Tab :: Provides natural / MRU tab ordering + Options for Tab Flipping, New Tab Select, and New Tab Location
Enhances the Something Awful forums with a host of new and exciting features
Scrobble music all around the web! (beta)
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