The world's most popular userscript manager
The world's most popular userscript manager
Allows the user to modify requests as they happen.
Most efficient way to take & share time-stamped notes while watching videos!
本扩充为 Fantia-Downloader-tampermonkey 的 扩充版
Best way to take cloud-backed, timestamped notes on YouTube and other MOOC platforms
Save the tabs in your current window to a new, timestamped, bookmarks folder.
Extends the Developer Tools, lets you locally edit files served from the web using Mitmproxy.
Quick and easy adding of a timestamp to an input field
This extension helps you discover applicable tampermonkey UserScripts and stylish Customized Styles for the site you are exploring.
Allows users to see timestamped comments as they watch YouTube
Take timestamped notes easily while watching videos
Add-on for Tampermonkey allowing an userscript to copy text to the clipboard using GM_setClipboard API
Modify http requests using the provided api.
One Piece Stampede wallpapers bring your chrome a new look and useful tools
Prepends a timestamp to your file download names
Allows you to quickly copy current video/stream timestamp (with offset).
Tamper browser requests in flight
Tampermonkey clone
Take court-admissible, timestamped website captures quickly and easily with screenseal
Take time-stamped YouTube notes.
Takes a link to the current video and adds a timestamp. Great for submitting to subreddits that require a timestamp.
Displays now playing song when there's a timestamped tracklist in the description
Add timestamped highlights to a excel-importable table [Live]
Add timestamped highlights to a excel-importable table
A macro to lock the keyboard and mouse for a given tab to prevent tampering
Save downloaded files into datestamped folders.
This extension verifies that the idex.market webpage has not be tampered by checking the md5 hash of several files
Tamper away!
Adds timestamps to the GS chat
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