Live editing text and HTML content of the page with the Sublime Text from the page context or DevTools.
Dracula is a dark theme for Atom, Alfred, Emacs, Highlight.js, iTerm, JetBrains, Pygments, Slack, Sublime Text and many more..
This is a theme inspired by Material Theme for sublime text, that brings the Material Design visual language to your Chrome…
Highlight selected word in GitHub source view like Sublime Text
Scroll Preview integrates a whole-page preview with scrollbar that inspired by Sublime Text's mini map.
Frozen is a theme for Sublime Text and Google Chrome DevTools. It was developed with the aim to be a theme with a modern look,…
This extension adds a sublime-like ctrl-p to quickly switch beteen tables, bookmarks and history
Enable sublime-like multiple cursors in any text field on the web using Cmd/Ctrl + D. How to use: - On any text field, select a…
As a web developper I use sublime text to edit my code with its dark theme. The problem is that I really often need to look for…
Prevents Duplicate Tabs, while also refreshing the current tab. To be used along side of OpenInBrowser plugin for Sublime Text
Show subroutines synced to HTML5 video
Lookup code from Sublime Text with this magic popup!
Scroll through tabs with [rclick+scroll] like in Sublime text
Add an 'Open in Sublime' button to GitHub
Searching tabs in Sublime Text's way(goto anything) * "Command ." to launch panel.
REPL in Sublime that evals in Chrome
Understand core values and make your soul sublime.
Includes HD images of Sublime on every new tab. For fans of 90s beach rock!
This extension lets you use action shortcuts similar to Sublime Text.
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