RavenDOI allows you to change DOI numbers into clickable links to any site such as sci-hub for example.
A little add-on appending SciHub buttons for some webpages with s c i e n c e.
Quickly look up math and science equations.
Just one click to activate the calculator!
Italy is a fascinating place and home of the Roman Empire. Enjoy vibrant HD wallpaper images with every new tab.
Asciify ALL the websites!
This extension splits a window into two at the selected tab.
Handy Sci-Hub searching option
Discover trending academic papers from computer science to economics in each new tab. [Powered by Mendeley Data]
将Web of Science搜索结果保存为参考文献。
A visually pleasing (keyboard) web navigator designed specifically for Nuance Communications' Dragon speak. DEV: @DanEllisScience
Removes the Sci-Hub left sidebar to make PDF take up whole window.
This is the Chrome™IDE to record your Selenium 2 tests
Learn science concepts while coding Scratch!
A scientific and graphing calculator.
Cool science-fiction strategy game!
Mouseover dictionary that can translate vast numbers of life science terms.
Solitaire is a fascinating kind of card game.
Save any web page and discover fascinating content.
A Themeable Scientific Calculator!
Dark mode; touch & keyboard friendly; Smart personalizations with no user setup; Available on all devices as a webapp(PWA)
Latest Science News for all around the world
Welcome to this classic game of Rock Paper Scissors. The rules are the standard ones. Let's enjoy this game now.
Use a variety of ASCII-based emoticons on Twitch
An awesome internet discovery button. Like StumbleUpon, but for developers, tech and science lovers.
Latest Scientific Discoveries provides news from latest Science in Astronomy, Genetics, Evolution, Energy.
Helps you find Open Access copies of paywalled scientific articles, by utilizing Unpaywall and core.ac.uk APIs
Do calculations instantly on your browser. Smooth action of Spry Accordion makes easy jumping between Standard and Scientific modes.
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