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Save all tabs at once.
Bookmark your favorite tab groups, improve your browser's performance, and avoid the Too Many Tabs Open syndrome. Have you ever…
Quickly find opened tabs by title or URL
Manage My Tabs is an extension that gives the user a quick and simple way to manage their tabs.
This extension will save all tabs that are opened in Chrome and gives you the flexibility to open all of them in one-click.
Email all open tabs in current window. Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + M.
Close all open tabs at once !!
Bookmark all tabs open in the current window.
Prevents the browser from discarding tabs. You won't have to wait for them to load again.
SAVE YOUR TABS FOR FUTURE USE!!! Organize open tabs and save them as sessions.
Save all open tabs to a bookmark folder
Jump to the right tab immediately, even when you have 100 tabs open.
Tab manager
Search in tabs.
Share tabs to your friends !
Get HD backgrounds of military, navy and army with every new tab you open.
Search for tabs in the opened window, can also increase your speed of switching tabs.
Remind or Schedule to open your browser tab.
Quick Open tab from open multiple tabs through My Tabs List Extenstion
Single place to access your mails, news, bookmarks and frequently visited pages
This extension will help you find your tab accross multiple windows.
새로운 Chrome 탭의 배경화면을 원하는대로 바꿀 수 있습니다. 당신이 관심있는 주제들의 멋진 사진들로 하루를 상쾌하게 유지하세요.
Tired of opening your common visited pages one by one ? MyTabs is here to help. Just configure your list of common visited pages,…
Remind or Schedule to open your browser tab.
my TabTabTab Chrome extension
Save list of open tabs to Dropbox
Open and Pin a default set of tabs defined by you.
Save multiple(several) open tabs for reducing system memory so that browser and system can run fast and smothly
where-are-my-tabs chrome extension
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