Chrome extension to generate Laravel integration tests while using your app.
Opens up Laravel PHP Framework Documentations
Easy access to laravel's documentation
A devtool's version of Laravel debugbar.This extension makes it easier to filter and record Ajax requests.
This extension adds links to the sources on github.com.
Use Bcrypt Generator to generate new Bcrypt hashes for your applications that require a Bcrypt encrypted string or password!
It is used to import product from AliExpress to Bagisto store and it can be used with Bagisto dropship management module.
Laravel debugbar
Real-Time console logger for laravel application
Popup search box to navigate within the Yii 2 and Laravel Docs from every site.
Notify you when interesting thing is happening at Laravel China.
This is extension help you listen event from laravel echo server
Always load your preferred Laravel documentation version!
This extension will analyze a page using laravel
Redirects you to latest Laravel docs version
Link to laravel document page (JP).
A small extension to show the laravel changelogs on google chrome.
Laravel Docs is helper to jump in the documentation sections, i know there is already a similar one, but i could not find the…
Auto jump to Laravel 8.x Document
Expands all menu items in the Laravel documentation that are collapsed by default and removes ad
概要:Laravelの日本語公式ドキュメント内で、自分の見たいバージョンのページへ自動遷移させる拡張機能です。 説明:GoogleでLaravelの日本語公式ドキュメントを調べると、自分の調べたいverの検索結果にならないことが多いです。…
한글 메뉴얼 사이트 (https://laravel.kr)와 영문 메뉴얼 사이트 (https://laravel.com) 간의 이동을 도와주는 버튼을 생성해줍니다.
Searching for document of laravel.
An annoying modal window always appears while browsing Laravel Backpack documentation on https://backpackforlaravel.com/docs/. This…
Avoid clicking the sign in link on the landing every time you want to access Laravel Vapor.
This extension will analyze a page using laravel
Pin the anchor menu of the current Laravel content when scrolling the page.
Show links to laravelkr next to anchors on laravel official documents
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