Logs all AJAX activity to the Dev Tools Console, allowing inspection of AJAX calls, and open calls in new tab with all the inputs.
To modify response text of ajax requests
Lightweight CORS web development tool allows developers to modify Ajax responses Access-Control-Allow-Origin:*.
Django Debug Toolbar inside WebKit DevTools. Works fine with background AJAX requests and non-HTML responses.
This extension add to Chrome Dev Tools a new XHR JSON Panel that presents the most important data sent/received in an Ajax process.
Capture AJAX requests done in browser. Generate JQuery code to replay such requests. Execute AJAX and see results.
Capture API Requests and Responses in browser and share via a link. Makes collaborative debugging and issue solving easier.
English: POST&GET is a tool for HTTP request content can be constructed, You can use this tool to set the POST Content, GET…
Mocks api responses for AJAX (XHR) requests. (Postman for Frontend)
A devtool's version of Laravel debugbar.This extension makes it easier to filter and record Ajax requests.
Enhances Google pages by adding ajax loader (Animated GIF and Animated PNG - APNG).
Cache ajax requests to your local machine, making page loads faster and more predictable.
It's a chrome extension as a cross-origin ajax bridge. See more: https://github.com/KJlmfe/Cross-Origin-AJAX-Bridge
Look for patterns inside HTML, JS, CSS and AJAX code
Converts autocomplete fields to on, using delayed calls so ajax loaded forms are converted since they're not bound to DOM ready.
Добавляет к Хабру AJAX paging и другие улучшения
Switch page to escaped fragment version.
Scrolls to the bottom of web pages that load their content dynamically with AJAX.
Show/Fill All Fields and Post/Get with Ajax.
SEO4Ajax Companion allows testing the Google Ajax Scheme implementation directly in your browser
阿里健康ajax mock插件
Replace fetch, XMLHttpRequest, AJAX responses on the fly!
Mock Api, 能mock ajax请求,方便做接口调试和数据mock, 插件维护交流: 330894169@qq.com
HookAjax XHR Fetch
Use Cross-Origin Fetch, you can make cors fetch/request/ajax. Very convenient for self-make web tools to break cors limit.
Force `ajax.googleapis.com` & `fonts.googleapis.com` to use SSL(https) connection.
Yet another silly find and replace - AJAX is given it's proper name.
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