Download images in different formats: PNG, JPG, SVG, WEBP. Save your time with image downloader tool!
Since opening local file links is disabled in Chrome, this extension allows to open them. (in html/svg a tags)
A tool to quickly preview and get all the svg assets from a website.
Download SVGs from websites as SVGs, PNGs or JPEGs
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor for Chrome OS
Download and optimize icons, logos, and vector SVGs.
Save SVG images as PNG. Navigate to an .svg file, right click on it and click on the context menu item 'Save SVG as PNG.
Vector, SVG Paint and Editor, Diagram Editor - Draw using intuitive and easy tools to paint and to design
This extension adds zooming and panning capabilities to SVG files viewed in Chrome.
Adds a SVG export button to the browser, which spits out SVG DOM elements present on page as files including CSS.
Easily find and download SVG Icons from a certain cloud management portal.
Sketch using a simple tools. Save your drawing as png or svg


An extension for debugging SVG paths by converting them to outlines and displaying anchors, control points, handles and arc ellipses
Take scalable, semantic, accessible screenshots, in SVG format.
This Chrome extension allows you to copy inline svg code to your clipboard
Convert SVG files to AI format
Easily vectorize an image (convert to SVG) in your browser!
Convert EPS files to SVG format
Convert SVG files to JPG format
Auto convert Svg File to Svg Code
Crie QR Codes personalizados gratuitamente, e salve em diversos formatos (PNG ou SVG) para obter a melhor qualidade de impressão.
Use instantly SVGOMG (Web GUI for SVGO which is an Node.js-based tool for optimizing SVG files) right on the browser toolbar.
Quality JPG to SVG Converter
Export Scratch 3 blocks to SVG images.
Convert JPG files to SVG format
Convert image to Vector
Convert and Save SVG images to .png from your browser.
Absolutely Free online JPG to SVG converter.
View svg file in your computer
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