Easily add (Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *) rule to the response header.
This plugin allows you to send cross-domain requests. You can also override Request Origin and CORS headers.
No more CORS error by appending 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header to local and remote web requests when enabled
Allows the Swagger Inspector and AlertSite to bypass CORS and security-scheme related browser-restrictions for API inspection
Cross Domain will help you to deal with cross domain - CORS problem. This is tool helpful when face with cross domain issue.
Fixes CORS related errors for when the API doesn't work
A tool for redirecting URLs and allowing CORS to make the local development experience easy and happy.
Helps avoid CORS issues with former2.com
KEEN.TV is the only add-on you need to fix CORS issues access KEEN.TV's FREE 850+ Live TV Channels and worldwide VOD Guide.
This extension configures your Default Search to Cors Search
Lightweight CORS web development tool allows developers to modify Ajax responses Access-Control-Allow-Origin:*.
Manages necessary CORS headers for usage with Jakcodex/Muledump.
Allows forcing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers on any desired URL; helpful when accessing remote services from a local host.
Allows CORS requests from your localhost to any API by setting 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header
Add cors headers to response header.
Make requests to domains without having to worry about CORS.
This extension resolves CORS request blocking errors, allowing you to watch HLS videos (m3u8 / ts)
Calcola il percorso migliore
Disable CORS in a better way
Replaces all images on the page with base64 dataUrl representation. It helps you pass CORS restrictions while developing a webpage.
Break the CORS Limitation
In this game you need to control all cars acrossing the corssroad and make the cars do not hit.
Includes HD wallpaper images of Corsair on every new tab. For fans of extreme gaming.
Cross-browser extension for authorizing cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) requests. This extension can be installed on browsers…
Search with Corsair and get the lastest Corsair News!
This is a helper plugin for apic (https://apic.app) to enable CORS requests by adding 'Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header.
Enjoy HD wallpapers of Cane Corso every time you open a new tab.
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